Spa Water Treatment & Chemicals

  • Spa Care Anti-Foam 500ml

    Bioguard Spa Care Anti-Foam eliminates foaming in spas and pools with attached spas. Product Features: Concentrated aqueous silicone emulsion. pH 1% of solution = 7.0 Quickly eliminates and prevents foaming. Does not affect pH. For use with all...

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  • Spa Care Aqua Velvet 1kg

    Bioguard Spa Care Aqua Velvet is a multifunctional granular product that enhances water comfort, increases water clarity, improves the performance of other products and suppresses algae growth. Product Features: 900g/kg Boric acid. pH of 1% solution...

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  • Spa Care Bromine Tablets 750g

    BioGuard Spa Care bromine Tablets can be used in automatic feeders or floaters for sanitising spas. When used as directed, their slow, consistent dissolving rate provides a constant and reliable sanitiser level at all times. Product Features: pH...

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  • Spa Care Calcium Hardness Increaser 450g

    Bioguard Spa Care Calcium Hardness increaser raises calcium hardness to help prevent corrosion of equipment and etching of surfaces. Product Features: Minimum 740g/kg Calcium chloride. Increases Calcium. Helps prevent corrosion of equipment. Helps...

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    Spa Care Chlorinated concentrate 800g

    Bioguard Spa Care Chlorinated Concentrate can be used as both a sanitiser and an oxidiser. It is completely soluble, so it does not cloud the water. Product Features: pH of 1% solution = 11.0 Totally soluble and fast dissolving. Benefits: As...

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  • Spa Care pH Anchor 1L

    Bioguard Spa Care pH anchor is a phosphate buffer that maintains stable pH, softens water and inhibits corrosion in spas and hot tubs. Product Features: Phosphate buffer. Built-in corrosion inhibitors. Helps control pH and Total Alkalinity. Not...

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  • Spa care pH Decreaser 750g

    Bioguard Spa Care pH decreaser slowly lowers pH and decreases Total Alkalinity to help prevent scale buildup, cloudy water and eye irritation. Product Features: 1000g/kg Sodium hydrogen sulfate. Lowers pH and Total Alkalinity. For all spa surfaces...

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  • Spa Care pH Increaser 500g

    Bioguard Spa Care pH increaser raises pH to help prevent equipment corrosion, surface damage, and skin and eye irritation. Product Features: 1000g/kg sodium carbonate. Raises pH. For all spa types. Classified as a non-dangerous good...

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  • Spa Care Spa Shock 50g

    Bioguard spa care Spa Shock is a unique patented blend of oxidising and clarifying agents designed to eliminate chloramines and musty odours. Product Features: 372g/kg available chlorine present as Sodium dichloroisocyanurate. Also contains...

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  • Spa Care Stain & Scale Preventative 490ml

    Bioguard Spa Care Stain & Scale Preventative prevents staining and water discolouration from metals, and scale build-up from excessive calcium. Product Features: 133g/L Organic Phosphonates. Prevents calcium and magnesium ions present in...

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  • Spa Care swirl away pipe cleaner 500ml

    Bioguard Spa Care Swirl Away is a specially formulated cleaner for removing waste and scale build-up in spas and their plumbing. Product Features: Unique cleaning formulation. Contains surfactants, chelating agents, water softeners and emulsifiers...

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  • Spa Care Total Alkalinity increaser 500g

    Bioguard Spa Care Total Alkalinity increaser raises Total Alkalinity to help prevent equipment corrosion and surface damage and helps control the pH. Product Features: 1000g/kg Sodium hydrogen carbonate. Raises Total Alkalinity. Reduces pH...

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