Gas Fires

  • Escea DF960 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

     Gas Type: Natural GasLPGStar Rating:5 StarsHeat Output:7.7 kWEnergy Input:31 MJ/hrFeatures:Smart HeatFlue:Direct VentViewable Glass (mm):870w x 470hFascia Size (mm):960w x 590h x 2d (Slim)1010w x 630h x 2d (Stretch)Warranty: Escea...

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  • Escea DX1500 High Efficiency Gas Fireplace

    Escea DX1500 High Efficiency Gas Fireplace

    Gas Type: LPG Star rating:4.3 StarsHeat Output:10.4 kWEnergy Input:25-42 MJ/hrFeatures:Smart HeatHeat Ducting TechnologyReflective Side PanelsZero ClearanceFlue:Powered Direct VentViewable Glass (mm):1500w x 300hFascia Size (mm):1630w x 430h x...

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  • Escea ST900 Gas Fireplace

    Escea ST900 Gas Fireplace

    Gas Type:LPGHeat Output:3.3 - 4.2 kW (depending on flue)Energy Input:14-20 MJ/hrFeatures:Wireless ControlReflective Side PanelsZero ClearanceFlue:Direct VentViewable Glass (mm):700w x 310hFascia Size (mm):1130w x 580h x 60d (Slab)1060w x 637h x...

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  • Real Flame Elegance Firebox

    Real Flame Elegance Firebox

    The Elegance Gas Fire can be installed into a frame out and finished in a multitude of designs from the super modern, to contemporary or something totally unique. Decorative Conventional or Power flue Pebbles or Coals and...

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  • Real Flame Heatseeker Gas Fire

    Real Flame Heatseeker Gas Fire

    Heatseeker is an open-fronted fire housed within a unique double skinned firebox which not only looks stunning, but can also bring warmth to a room via radiated and natural convection or fan assisted convection heat. Convection plus radiant...

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  • Real Flame Hybrid Gas Fire

    Real Flame Hybrid Gas Fire

    The Hybrid fire is a collaboration of the Pure Vision and Simplicity. A glass back can also be added to allowviewing from the room behind the fire creating a fantastic visual between two separate spaces. Contact us for more details and options...

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